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About Us

Family Owned Since 1938

About Us

Needham King Hurst- Founder

Our Story

Founded in 1938, the N.K. Hurst Company began it's business in the trading of coffee, tea, sugar, and other food commodities. Starting in 1947, the Hurst name became recognized in the industry as being a first quality packager of edible dry beans. In 1963, Hurst partnered with a local company to create a dry ham flavoring for his beans. The HamBeens® brand name was trademarked and became the first mass produced seasoned dry bean product in the country.

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"From Maine to California..."

HamBeens® saw continued growth in regions throughout the U.S. until 1986, when (depending on who you ask!) the "test kitchen" created what would become our top selling item, HamBeens® 15 BEAN SOUP®. The product saw immediate success in grocery stores around the nation, and in short order, 15 BEAN SOUP® was distributed to every state in the country, and U.S. military bases around the world.


"Secret Seasonings and Spices..."

With almost 60 years of history, the HamBeens® brand continues to be the only dry bean product advertised nationally. Promotions have shifted through the years, but one message remains constant: Hurst has the highest quality and best tasting packaged dry beans on the market.

You'll Like 'Em!

Use the scrolling timeline below to see some of our vintage photos, videos, and radio spots, including ads performed by family friend and former Hurst's spokesman, Peso Dollar.

As Needham S. Hurst always said: "You'll Like 'Em!"

  • Campfire Cooking w/ Peso!

    Peso Dollar sings for his supper!

  • #1 in the USA!

    "When you're #1, it's important to keep doing the things that got you here..."

  • Peso takes aim...

    Bag the tastiest meal in town!

  • Secret Seasonings and Spices!

    "Flavors traced back to the trade routes of Marco Polo..."

    -Needham S. Hurst

  • Stanford on HamBeens

    "If someone thinks enough about a product to put his name on it, it must be good!"

    -Stanford Hurst, former sales manager & brother of N.K.

  • The Today Show

    Even Barbara Walters enjoyed talking about HamBeens® on The Today Show!

  • Make Memories

    From our family, to yours.


    Mark and Peso Dollar sing for HamBeens Chicken 15 BEAN SOUP

  • Cowboy HamBeens

    "For a taste beyond belief"

  • "HamBeen Dinner A'waiting"

    Press Play!

  • Ask Your Grocer!

  • Stay warm with HamBeens


"Quality First"

Founder N.K. Hurst's promise of "quality first" begins in the fields. Over 20 varieties of beans are selected from the choicest growers across the U.S. These experienced growers use only the highest quality seed and along with Hurst's in-house team, continually monitor and inspect bean crops and harvesting procedures for the Hurst labels.

Learn About Our Growers

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Handled with Care

Hurst accepts only U.S. #1 grade beans that have been electronically sorted for color, size, and overall appearance. From our location in Zionsville, IN, we carefully clean and inspect every load of beans that arrives in the facility. The end result for consumers is the finest package of dry beans available on the market.

N.K. Hurst is also a SQF Level II certified facility, meaning all products are handled with great care and food safety is given the highest priority.


Over 70 years later...

Hurst's HamBeens® products are sold in every region of the United States. We are distributed from Maine to California, from Alaska to Florida, and in U.S. Military commissaries around the world. Our seasoned dry beans have expanded to nearly 20 items including Cajun 15 Bean Soup®, Spanish-American Black Bean Soup®, & Slow Cooker Chili.

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Family Owned Since 1938

N.K. Hurst Co. is proud to be family owned and run by the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations of the Hurst family. In 2017, the company relocated to a modern processing and warehousing facility in Zionsville, IN. The family continues the dedication to providing the highest quality dry bean products on the market for generations to come.

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