Q:     Did Hurst ever have a restaurant in Indianapolis? I remember going to a Ham & Bean Junction with my Dad.
A:     Yes! We did own the Ham & Beans Junction on 38th and Monon, near the fairgrounds for a few years. Unfortunately, it is no longer in operation and we do not currently have plans to re-open or start a new restaurant. Thank you for your interest.

Q:     Do you give tours of your factory and if so, when?
A:     We are no longer able to offer tours of our facility at this time. 

Q:     How can I receive updates and recipes via e-mail?
A:     If you have signed up for Bean Buddies, and included your e-mail address, you are automatically added to our e-mail list. Periodically we send updates via e-mail, and hope to increase the frequency in the near future. If you are not receiving Bean Buddy updates, please check your filter settings for your e-mail. If needed, you can add to your safe senders list. Please contact us if you require further assistance.

Q:     How do I order from you?
A:     You may order Hurst's HamBeens® products directly from us. We are able to sell by the case. A case, depending on the product, is (12-20 or 12-15.5) oz. packages . Cases cannot be mixed with other product. Please send an e-mail to to request pricing. Please be sure to include your zip code so that shipping can be figured.

Q:     how do you tell the expiration date on your products
A:     You should be able to find a "Best By" date on the back of your package. The month and year is stamped onto the package during production. This is a change that has occurred in the past year, so if you do not see a "Best By" date, this would indicate that you purchased the package some time ago.

If you are unsure of the age of your beans, we suggest that you first soak and cook your beans to tender before adding any other ingredients.

Q:     How many people do you employ?
A:     We generally employee between 40 and 50 people.

Q:     Where are you located?
A:     N.K. Hurst is located at:
10505 Bennett Parkway, Suite 100, Zionsville, IN 46077